SweetSatya®️ Balance & Beauty Dallas Trunk Show

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SweetSatya®️ Balance & Beauty Dallas Trunk Show 

June 20th, 1-6 P.M.   June 21st, 11-4:00 P.M.

Lot's of Crystal Healing Jewelry characterized by the particular style of SweetSatya®️ to choose from.  I have been steadily creating Unspeakably Gorgeous Crystal & Mineral Necklaces which will be offered at different levels of pricing. You can see my offerings before the public has there a chance, I will be taking your "Custom Orders and I will be at hand along with an added smattering of glamour.''  Learn more about my creative process while connecting with me directly.

Hosted By The Legendary Brooks Powers 

I invite everyone to come to take a look, social distancing, wear your masks, bring gloves, and have a bit of fun.  

Call, Text, or DM *INSTAGRAM @sweetsatyasearthenart *  For Address of Show


The Artistic Spread I will be offering:

  • Crystal Edgy Artist Mala's
  • Many $10.00 Substantial Crystal & Mineral Necklaces
  • Couture Selection $10.00 Stretchable Bracelets
  • Unfathomable Hand Drilled Crystal Collector Necklaces
  • Immaculate Mineral Hand Drilled Necklaces
  • SweetSatya®️ Genre Knotting Of Gemstones & Cotton Cording
  • Never Seen Before 2020 Mini Wand Necklaces 
  • Black Snake Vertabra Gender Free Chokers & Bracelets

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