Amethyst Hand Faceted Nugget Necklace - SweetSatya
Amethyst Hand Faceted Nugget Necklace - SweetSatya

Amethyst Hand Faceted Nugget Necklace

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DREAMSCAPE - Shadowy violet clouds swirl inside the precious vessel. Look closer.

Has the lavender mist taken the form of a creature, an impossible chimera? Does it stretch out in plains and waves, broken by canyons, or dotted by mountain peaks?

As you turn the crystal, does a rainbow spark suddenly burst free?

Over thousands of years, Mother Nature hand-painted each purple watercolor nebula. In the perfect darkness of the secret places of the earth, these shining marvels formed to reflect the galaxies outside our world, as well as the universes possible inside our minds and hearts.

When you aren't exploring its depths, wear this superb Gazer Amethyst Nugget, suspended from black or mauve cotton linen cording, or black round black leather cording, to greatly increase intuition, prophetic visions, creative energy, love, and drive to be kinder.

Lose yourself in the unfathomable beauty of the DREAMSCAPE.

Size of crystal: approximately 2" length

Size of necklace: short and long

Cording: black or mauve cotton linen cording and black vegan leather


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