Angel Aura and Aqua Aura

The Titanium Finishes of Angel Aura and Aqua Aura Titanium Rainbow, Titanium Cobalt Blue Finishes are truly one of my favorites of all the collections I currently offer.  A must-see for any Crystal & Mineral Collector of Angel Aura and Aqua Aura.
I feature both shapes/forms of calibrated and non-calibrated specimen quality Crystal Quartz and Agate Arrowheads all hand drilled by me and processed with the world-famous high heat-treating performed in a vacuum process with platinum.  I create this Angel Aura and Aqua Aura Crystal Jewelry with custom cordings both vegan and leather by me Satya Khalsa, Crystal Jewelry Artist, and owner of SweetSatya®️ Texas, USA. Angel Aura and Aqua Aura has an angelic presence.

UNICORN'S TRILL - Caught between fantasy and reality, the Angel Aura and Aqua Aura is kissed with platinum. Its pure innocence can cleanse and heal all that it touches. Stellar clear Arkansas Crystal Quartz Angel Aura and Aqua Aura is "Just Beautiful Magic meant for you or someone you love." Guaranteed joy and exceptional sensations that will rock your world.