Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace-SweetSatyan

Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace

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Smooth polished Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace is a mighty little powerhouse of divine energy but is dainty.

The beautiful blend of the hand-knotting by Satya Khalsa and the two-dimensional triangular hand-faceting by the village people in Pakistan and Puru is one of my favorite necklaces I created for 2020.  I personally enjoy wearing my Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace at least 3 times weekly, -Satya Khalsa.

Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace is hand laced with a softie black vegan durable long length available.

Over thousands of years, Mother Nature hand-painted each Pyrite and Black Tourmaline watercolor nebula. In the perfect darkness of the secret places of the earth, these shining marvels formed to reflect the galaxies outside our world, as well as the universes possible inside our minds and hearts.

Lose yourself in the unfathomable beauty of my one of a kind, jewel-like Crystal  Pyrite Point & Black Tourmaline Nugget Necklace at it's finest created by Old World Craftswoman Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa, Doing Business As SweetSatya®️ in Texas.


Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace Features:

-Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace: approximately 2"             length & 1/4" width

- Size of Pyrite Black Tourmaline Wand Necklace: fits easily over        your head created in a long and short choker length

- Cording:  black vegan cording 

- Made in the USA Created with SweetSatya®️crystals



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