Amethyst Vera Cruz Crystal Necklace - SweetSatya
Amethyst Vera Cruz Crystal Necklace - SweetSatya

Amethyst Vera Cruz Crystal Necklace

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You will rarely see crystals in a wearable form at this level of stellar and immaculate quality.

"Your special Amethyst has an extremely strong spiritual focus which can be applied to the third eye, for direct power," exclaims Satya Khalsa well know crystal healing jewelry artist.

VIOLET VISIONS - Activates Your Pineal Gland with expressive, gentle, and gorgeous vivid depths of soft watercolor shades ranging from almost heather gray to sweet lilac. Every so often you'll find flashes of bold fuchsia.

You will enjoy the sensation of gazing through the galaxies of worlds inside this immaculate Amethyst Vera Cruz Crystal Point excavated from the Vera Cruz Mts. Las Vigas, Mexico.  

This is a lifetime Amethyst crystal which will give you days of pleasure in every way imaginable.  A sacred necklace for sure. Proudly Hand Harvested by Satya's personal friends. "I truly have never seen a collection as beautiful as Winter 2019," said Satya Khalsa as she was hand drilling your amethyst.  

SweetSatya America's Favorite Crystal Jewelry Store is Where Fashion Meets Passion & It's Unstoppable. One-Of-A-Kind hand drilled and laced with custom cording in Texas, USA.

Size of VeraCruz Amethyst: assorted sizes

Size of necklace: 18", 22" & long

Cording: white & black leather, vegan black suede, black or mauve cotton linen cording.


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