Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz - SweetSatya
Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz - SweetSatya

Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz

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Hematite Skull Quartz Necklace SweetSatya®️ sold Online Crystal Jewelry Store and sold in person at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2020 Crystal Jewelry Store SweetSatya's Earthen Art F61- October 3rd thru November 29th. "G Rated Shop" Can't wait to see you this year and show you in person my brand new Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz.

 Grounding, calming energy bundles. Great bodyguard Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz created with authentic Russian Crystal Quartz hand-cut sphere. Magic Crystal Ball Jewelry.

Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz Features:

  • Artisinal and one of a kind
  • Size of stone combination: 1" Height - 1/2" Width
  • Size of crystal necklace: Long only
  • Cording: Black long-lasting only
  • A+ Semi-precious authentic Gemstones like never before
  • Hand faceted Crystal Quartz Sphere is a gem quality
  • Hematite Calibrated but super clean raw-looking
  • Crystal Quartz is A+ Russian gorgeous clarity
  • Magic Crystal Ball 14mm
  • The quality of gemstones surpasses most.
  • High & Profound Magnatised Balance Alignment
  • Russian Crystal Seer Ball-Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz

Beyond the realm of sight, however, the Crystal Quartz Ball also attracts far-flung cosmic energies. The Hematite Skull shape multiplies the strength of this magnet for Protection. Not only is this a lure for admiration in the physical world, but also on the spiritual planes. "No longer absorb others' energy and protect yours with this enthralling SweetSatya®️ Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz is a  work of Crystal Jewelry Art," exclaims Satya Khalsa Crystal Jewelry Artist and owner of SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry Store in Texas.


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