Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant - SweetSatya
Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant - SweetSatya

Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant

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  • You will see many phantoms, windows, and inclusions with triangular characters throughout your Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant created in 2021 by Satya Khalsa artist of SweetSatya®️
  • "You will rarely see crystals in a wearable form at this level of immaculate clarity, quality, and fairly priced.
  • Newly mined and natural from the earth Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant  Jewelry has expressive and gentle qualities.  For Seekers Of Unfathomable Beauty.
  • The beautiful blend of hand drilling by Satya Khalsa and hand-harvesting from the Veracruz Mountains in Las Vigas, Mexico. has been hand-harvested in cruelty-free Mexican mines.
  • With joy, I would love to send you a couple of pictures to choose from as the depth of color varies. All gemstones are A++ superior quality created with the SweetSatya®️ old-world craftsmanship in summer 2020.  Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant is sold individually not as a set.
  • Over thousands of years, Mother Nature hand-painted each Amethyst Veracruz-Lumarian Jewelry Crystal watercolor nebula with gorgeous vivid depths of soft deep lilac watercolor shades ranging from almost heather gray to sweet lilac. Every so often you'll find flashes of bold fuchsia.  In the perfect darkness of the secret places of the earth, these shining marvels formed to reflect the galaxies outside our world, as well as the universes possible inside our minds and hearts.
  • Veracruz Amethyst Atlantis Pendant Features:
  • - Dimensions of crystal: approximately 2" length & .05" width
  • - Size of necklace: 18", 20", 22", and 24"
  • - Cording: softie lilac leather cording. Perfect for spring and summer.
  • - Created by Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa, Texas USA 
  • - Sold individually not as a set
  • - I will text you a video for you to choose yours from immediately after you place your order.

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