Rose Quartz Double Terminated Point+Pink Opal+Pearl Nugget Necklace

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FREYJA'S KISS morphed from SweetSatya's Earthen Art Crystal Barbarian Video, shot in L.A. January 2017.

The hottie Barbarian dangles from his wrist Peruvian Pink Opal and Rutilated Crystal Quartz, hand knotted bracelet with black cotton linen cord, while pushing his crystal staff through the waters of time.

The greatest warrior of the Northern tribes, his heart finally broken by endless bloodshed, laid down his sword. He abandoned his homeland to wander alone, seeking healing and guidance found his way to SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shoppe F13, Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas.

Early in his travels, the goddess Freyja visited the warrior. Gorgeous Freyja embodies sacred femininity, ruling over love, fertility, magic, art, and death.  You may know her as Bastet, Ishtar, or Aphrodite.  Taking him into her arms, she spoke simply to the hopelessly lost barbarian, giving him the same wisdom she offers to us all:  "TRUST IN LOVE" 

The Crystal Barbarian translates Freyja's timeless message into an oeuvre of eternal gems. Natural Pearl represents pure, spiritual love, tempered by the affectionate warmth of Rose Quartz.  The multi-colored pink Peruvian Opal teaches that love takes all forms, swirling from passionate reds to platonic browns and grays.

Wear when embarking on new adventures, and when seeking friendship, companions or lovers.  Summon into your life the wisdom of FREYJA'S KISS.

Size of healing Wand: 2"

Size of necklace: short or long

Cording: black or mauve cotton linen



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