About SweetSatya

All my life I’ve been fascinated by and drawn to crystals. Their energy impacts me in a profound way, and I’ve always felt an affinity for them. It was after my diagnosis with cancer that I learned how important that connection would be for me. In addition to my training in yoga and nutrition, I embarked on a deeper study of crystals that went beyond my viewing them as a hobby. By understanding the power and qualities of crystals and integrating them into my self-healing practice, I was able to reawaken the innate healing intelligence of my own body.  

Every creation I make includes the highest quality minerals and crystals, hand-picked from certified miners and purveyors.  I personally hand-craft each one, combining various crystals, minerals and metals to work synergistically to magnify their power and achieve a specific healing purpose. Every living thing or creature in life has a naturally symbiotic relationship with something else. It was that natural balance that I wanted to recreate in my collection. I knew that if I could create a balanced relationship in the energy of the crystals used in my pieces, that healing vibration would re-establish balance in the body, too. Each SweetSatya creation is designed to hang perfectly on the body so that it resonates directly with the chakra for which it is intended to synchronize. 

It has been my absolute joy to experience the flow of creativity my healing has provided and to share it on a broader scale. It is my deepest intention to create healing pieces that foster strength and empowerment within others so that they may consciously manifest the lives they deserve. I truly believe that we are all connected and as each one of us individually heals, the world heals, as well. So SweetSatya is my gift to you, and to the world. It is my hope that you will take the knowledge of your own healing experience and pass that on to someone else so that the world may be renewed…one healing at a time. "Having these charms around you are good for your life because they are truthful at heart!"

Our pieces are both beautiful to the senses and are storehouses of empowerment striving to teach the wearer the art of "Self Healing".  Most  beings are able to experience the healing frequencies of SweetSatya's pieces through the vibrations and purity of rays if the specimens I fashion! "I will glimpse gthrough the veil for my wearer that separates earth from eternity and bring back a little to each piece as it's being made".  Your piece will hold a message of fresh discovery of JOY and passionate energy of freedom.  My mission is to empower and enrich our planet.  Serve everyone with excellence; make a difference in people's lives, along with sharing love.