About SweetSatya's Healing Crystal Gemstone Jewelry Warehouse

SweetSatya is old world technique and cutting-edge crystal and gemstone healing jewelry design combined for transcendent possibilities.  Founded in 2014, SweetSatya is proudly based in Texas, USA. Rooted in the ecstatic process of artistic creation and driven by an obsession for quality.  BRINGING JOY TO THE WORLD ONE NECKLACE AT A TIME. 

 owner & artist of SweetSatya

Our handmade healing crystal jewelry necklaces are both beautiful to the senses and are storehouses of empowerment striving to teach the wearer the art of "Self Healing & Awareness".  "Most beings are able to experience the healing frequencies of SweetSatya's crystal healing necklaces through the vibrations and purity of the rays which emanate from the Crystal necklaces I fashion," exclaims Satya Khalsa. During this creative process, "I will glimpse through the veil for my wearer that separates earth from eternity and bring back a little to each piece as it's being made".  Your piece will hold a message of the fresh discovery of JOY and passionate energy of freedom.  Our mission is to empower and enrich our planet. To serve everyone with excellence; make a difference in people's lives, along with sharing love. BRINGING JOY TO THE WORLD ONE CRYSTAL NECKLACE AT A TIME...