108 Double Terminated Crystal Quartz Mala Beads Hand Knotted With Exotic Tassel and Guru Beads

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HEAVENLY ESSENCE - Even in times of darkness, the 108 immaculate, double-terminated crystal quartz beads twinkle like an impossible string of fallen stars. Held up to a lamp or the sun, their intense energy suddenly leaps out and transforms the world around you. Hundreds of little rainbows dance joyously on every surface, swaying with the length of crystals. Holding the strand, you can still feel the electric spirit of the kaleidoscopic display, even with your eyes tightly closed. Each of the 108 perfect, raw-formed crystals channels into you the unbridled rapture of the Universe's creative force.  

Glide the stones through your fingers while reciting your favorite or given mantra, intention, prayer, affirmation, degree, meditation, and or mantra.

I love making these. Their transcendence, like laughter, is contagious. Life seems to flow better when you are wearing this mala around your neck. Perhaps the beautiful crystals may speak to your heart also like it does mine. I hand knot every single crystal with black cording and usually add a striking black tassel or an incredible one of a kind Guru Bead which will add deeper meaning to your mala and prayers. While gazing at each stone you will feel flooded with Gratitude, and transported instantaneously to an overwhelming feeling of pure JOY and BLISS.


Size of bead: 3 mm

Size of mala: 34" length

Cording: hand knotted with black thread

Guru Bead: 1.5" length

Tassel: black 3.5" length

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