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Mesmerizing Crystal Gazer Necklace - SweetSatya
Mesmerizing Crystal Gazer Necklace - SweetSatya

Mesmerizing Crystal Gazer Necklace

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Unique Natural from the earth in Madagascar:   Rose, Smoky, Lithium, Golden, and Crystal Quartz Medallion Pendant is bringing Love and Light to our planet when most needed during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

The beautiful blend of hand drilling by Satya Khalsa and the hand-sanding, polishing and shaping by the village people in Madagascar in the current Pillow/Soapstone style.  This is A+ Older Raw Material in which I have been collecting throughout the years and it is uncommon to find this caliber of a Crystal currently.

Hand laced with a wide variety of custom cordings:   mixed colors of velvet's, soft cotton linens, black vegan suede, skinny black leather, and gorgeous 2mm gemstone colored leathers for you to choose from.  Long or short sizes available.

With joy, I would love to send you a couple of pictures to choose from as the depth of color varies. All gemstones are A+ superior quality created with SweetSatya®️ old-world craftsmanship in Spring 2020. 

Over thousands of years, Mother Nature hand-painted each gazer watercolor nebula. In the perfect darkness of the secret places of the earth, these shining marvels formed to reflect the galaxies outside our world, as well as the universes possible inside our minds and hearts.

Lose yourself in the unfathomable beauty of our one of a kind, jewel-like crystal medallion at it's finest created by Old World Craftswoman Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa Doing Business As SweetSatya®️ in Texas.

Product Features: 

- Dimensions of pendant: approx. 2" length & 1/2" width

- Size of necklace: short and long

- Cording: All Custom

- Made in the USA

- Created with SweetSatya®️ Crystals

- Hand drilled by Satya Khalsa

- Hand-sanded and polished in Madagascar

- No two are alike




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