Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet - SweetSatya
Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet - SweetSatya

Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet-SweetSatya®

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  • Hand Crafted By Crystal Jewelry Artisan Satya Khalsa 
  • Artisanal 11mm Rondell Hand Faceted Rare Agate Beads
  • Natural Color - Never Enhanced - Deep Rich Tones
  • Hand Laced With Long Lasting Stretch Cording
  • Time Tested For Longevity 
  • Sold Individually 
  • Individually Priced Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet
  • Earthy Grounding Vibes
  • Great for Men or Ladies
  • Small and Large Sizes
  • Perfect Small Gift Suitable For All
  • Encourages Transformation
  • Strengthens Your Aura
  • Wear Your Magic For Rebalancing and Harmonizing Your Heart Chakra
  • Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Made in Texas USA
  • Nothing Compares to SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry Store's Fine Craftsmanship 
  • Excellent Value and Exceptional Raw Material Quality
  • Heartfelt Agate Gemstone Stretch Bracelet Design Created In Small SweetSatya® Batches

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