Raw Garnet Chunk Necklace SweetSatya

Raw Garnet Chunk Necklace

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  • Deep red natural untreated burgundy color
  • Raw Garnet Chunk Necklace is heart opening and grounding
  • Translucent in places throughout the Raw Garnet Chunk Necklace
  • Series with pyrope and spessartine 
  • Polyhedron natural organic shape
  • 22" Hand-knotted beautiful lux maroon metallic leather shown but available in vegan cording also.
  • Created by SweetSatya® with lead compliant lobster closure, in small batches
  • Hand drilled by Satya Khalsa Crystal jewelry store owner.
  • Earthy Grounding Vibes
  • Great for Men or Ladies
  • Summer 2021


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