Amethyst Hexagon Hand Knotted Healing Bracelet

Amethyst Hexagon Hand Knotted Healing Bracelet

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THE RESOLVE OF BOADICEA - Regal, mystical hexagon Amethyst gazer beads embody the warrior spirit of a rebellious Celtic queen. Encircling your wrist they will inspire you to bring your dreams to fruition, to act your will upon the world. Push onward, against all odds, against the naysayers. Hold nothing back.

With Satya's fond love for Barbarians - Boadicea was a female warrior which won Satya's heart in battle. Therefore she holds a special place in Satya's heart. 'Twas a longing came to my heart to share this with the world and its inspiring warmth to empower your warrior within. Unlock the alchemy of the universal elixir, wear this perfect healing bracelet to increase your aura's strength, vitality & vibes.

Size of beads: 10 mm length

Size of bracelets: small and large

Cording: hand knotted with black cord

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