Amethyst Double Terminated Healing necklace / custom cording

Amethyst Double Terminated Rejuvenating Mini Wand Necklace

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LILAC LURE - Fascinating Amethyst seduces onlookers with its hidden worlds of violet. Wearing this piece will lure others to you as they seek to unravel the mysterious. Gaze into the crystal yourself to bathe in the soothing, rejuvenating and loveliness of this slice of heaven.
Beyond the realm of sight, however, the amethyst also attracts far-flung cosmic energies. The double-terminated shape multiplies the strength of this magnet for magic. Not only is this a lure for admiration in the physical world, but also on the spiritual planes. Prepare for many delightful coincidences, prophetic dreams and romantic chance meetings with this enthralling SweetSatya work of art.

Size of crystal: 4"

Size of necklace: short 

Cording: periwinkle ribbon cord, black cotton linen cord, and available in a variety of multi colored velvet ribbons 


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