Amethyst Lumarian Necklace- SweetSatya
Amethyst Lumarian Necklace-SweetSatya

Amethyst Lumarian Necklace

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Hand Drilled by Satya Khalsa Brazilian Amethyst Lumarian Necklace-Smoky Quartz Wand Shard has been only smoothed and polished. Completly in its organic and raw state, never calibrated or engineered by programmed machinery. 

Exquisitely hand-knotted with vegan suede and specimen quality super clear Double Terminated Crystal Quartz and light lavender Amethyst Nuggets creates a divine Syzygy of Crystals and Minerals as if they were planets.

Amethyst Lumarian Necklace connects us to our Third Eye and Crown Chakra cleansing and opening those divine channels energetically.  Yet very protective and beautiful to wear during the day and into the night.

Looking for a Time Linked Crystal or If you're looking for a Crystal associated with ancient Atlantis or Lemurian then look no further than this SweetSatya® Amethyst Lumarian Necklace manifesting crystal meant to be worn close to your soul while connecting to your spirit.

Amethyst Lumarian Necklace Crystal High-Frequency Necklace Features:

Created by SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry, Texas USA

Size of Amethyst Shard: 7" Length and 1 3/4" Width

Size of Mixed Nuggets: 1/4" thru 1/2" Crystal and Amethyst

Weight of Amethyst Shard: 5.890 oz.

Length of Toal Amethyst Lumarian Necklace Including Amethyst Shard: 38"

Toggle and Logo Tag: Nickle & Lead-Free Base Metal

Cording: Black Flat 1/4" Long Lasting Durable Vegan Suede Doubled 

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