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Amethyst Stretch Bracelet

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Created with luscious deep purple jelly Amethyst Beads from SweetSatya's top-of-the-line gemstones.

Amethyst Stretch Bracelet Features:

  1. Excellent quality 6mm Amethyst gemstone round beads.
  2. Hand-selected natural color and handmade by SweetSatya®
  3. Hand-made with the highest-quality elastic available on the market.
  4. Universal size 7.5" great for men or women, gender fluid.
  5. High energy Crown Chakra metaphysical vibrational genuine gemstones.
  6. Great to wear Amethyst Stretch Bracelet on either left or right hand depending on which is dominant.
  7. Gorgeous depth of purple color with a lot of light brilliant beads.


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