Angel Aura Lumarian Crystal Quartz-Vegan Suede Necklace

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UNICORN'S TRILL - Caught between fantasy and reality, the Angel Aura Lazer Lumarian is kissed with platinum. It's pure innocence can cleanse and heal all that it touches. Stellar clear Crystal Quartz Angel Aura Lumarian high heat treated Titanium Finish excavated in the Gematina Mts. Columbia. Just Beautiful Magic all around your piece waiting to hang on your neck.

LIVE IN Los Angeles pop over to SPELLBOUND SKY crystal store ask for Mark & Martin to see these items in person they just got a brand new collection!

SweetSatya Classic Signature Design which will bring you great joy and inspiration everyday of your life! This necklace is truthful to your heart.

Size of Angel Aura Crystal Lazer Quartz: 1/2" width & 2" length

Size of One - Of- A-Kind Healing Necklace: medium

Cording: Vegan Suede AAA quality



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