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Angel Aura Stretch Bracelet

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Angel Aura Stretch Bracelet is flying out the door.  SweetSatya® offers superior quality smooth Crystal Quartz high heat treated with platinum vapor titanium Angel Aura finish to adorn your wrist with summer 2020.  This rainbow sparkling beaded bracelet is made to last with excellent craftsmanship and brings you joy.   Angel Aura Stretch Bracelet Sold individually not as a set.  Angel Aura Stretch Bracelet

Ever looking to connect with the angelic realm energy, then look no further than SweetSatya® Angel Aura Stretch Bracelet for these forward fashion fairly priced bracelets for you and your friends this summer.

Angel Aura or Rainbow Crystal Quartz is a great gemstone to increase positivity or optimism.  This is a great chakra tune-up tool and balances your chakras while wearing it.  Try wearing one for forty days in a row and see if your vibration shifts.

Angel Aura Bracelet Features:

Angel Aura Bracelet Features: one size fits all. 

Angel Aura Beads: 6mm & 8mm your choice after you purchase

Created by SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry, Texas USA



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