Apatite Faceted Stretch Bracelet SweetSatya

Apatite Faceted Stretch Bracelet

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You will love wearing SweetSatya's Apatite Faceted Stretch Bracelet throughout your day and into the night. But don't sleep in it and treat it gently to last a long time.

Apatite Faceted Stretch Bracelet Features:

  1. Unique hand-faceted 5mm Apatite Beads
  2. The balancing blue essence of this fine quality is most unusual
  3. Available in a universal size of 7.5" and is gender-fluid
  4. This Apatite Faceted Stretch Bracelet has nice clean well-defined faceting, which has been all done by hand in India.
  5. Sold individually not as a set.
  6. Truly has fortifying energy with an outstanding depth of color 
  7. One of Satya Khalsa's long-standing favorites.

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