Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils 1) have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities, and 2) are not for internal use & should not be ingested. CUSTOMER REVIEW ★★★★★
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Aqua Aura Skull Necklace - SweetSatya

Aqua Aura Skull Necklace

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Hand-harvested Quartz Aqua Aura Skull Necklace Crystal is high heat treated with the Aqua Aura platinum blue finish was especially for you.  Your Aqua Aura Skull Necklace is a Mighty Little Powerhouse Of Divine Energy paired with a Baby Skull Charm which is simply adorable magic.

The beautiful blend of the hand-knotting by Satya Khalsa and untouched Aqua Aura Quartz will make your heart skip a beat.

Aqua Aura Skull Necklace is hand laced with a softie black cotton linen durable cording available in both short and long sizes, which create SweetSatya®️ little earthen treasure a perfect magic gift to wear. 

After you complete your order I will send to you an Aqua Aura Skull Necklace picture with a couple of necklaces to choose from as depth of color varies, and the individual characters of each Aqua Aura Skull Necklace

All gemstones are A+ superior quality created with SweetSatya®️ old-world craftsmanship of my Fall/Winter Collection 2020. 

Throughout many ions Natures, very own treasures have created each Aqua Aura Skull Necklace, and these shining marvels are formed to reflect the stars outside our world, as well as the universes possible inside our minds, souls, and bodies.

Aqua Aura Skull Necklace Features:

- Dimensions of crystal: approximately 3" length & 1/4" width

- Size of Aqua Aura Skull Necklace: created 16", 18", 22", 26",28", 30"

- Cording: black cotton linen vegan triple-A quality cording

- Created with SweetSatya®️ Crystal Warehouse  in the USA

- Whimsical and Charming nickel/lead-free skull



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