Blood Stone Hand Knotted Mala With Ruby Guru Bead

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BELLONA'S EMBRACE - SweetSatya's famous 108 mala hand knotted and created exclusively for you with 10 MM Blood Stone hand faceted Rondell beads featuring a one of a kind Ruby Sphere Guru bead. Also available with Citrine Guru Bead Morphs from SweetSatya's Fantasy Commercial being shot in Dallas Texas spring 2018.

The hand faceting of your beautiful Blood Stone beads was performed in Pakistan and the hand knotting was created by Satya! These stellar and immaculate holy mala beads represent the extraordinary, awesome creations that are found on our planet. A mathematical sphere Ruby genius with profound healing is what your Guru Bead offers and directly expresses to you. Adding more joy and pleasure while it slips through your fingers and or worn around your neck and wrist. A SweetSatya One of Kind Holy Mala is both useful and a piece of inspiration to wear.


Size of Blood Stone beads: 10 mm

Size of mala: 36" length

Cording: hand knotted with black thread

Ruby Sphere Guru Bead: 1" length round

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