Chrysocolla Naturally Faceted Healing Necklace and Black Cotton Linen Cording

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This bold and beautiful SweetSatya Chrysocolla Healing Necklace unblocks the connections between your mind, heart, and mouth. Honest, heartfelt words will radiate compassion to all your listeners. Windswept blues and greens will fill your eyes with the true beauty of this natural uncalibrated gemstone.

STORY-TELLER - Confident Chrysocolla Naturally Faceted Pendant, has been revered by writers and poets since ancient times, let yourself get swept along by creative urges. Your 3mm Black Cotton Linen 24 inch cording reverberates like a drum with the true deep rhythms of life. The perfect accessory for when you want to give a moving speech, write a heartful poem, or just impress friends with tall tales. Providing magic roads to distant places!

Nothing compares to this SweetSatya Chrysocolla Pendant.  Raw and hand harvested from the Peruvian Mountains.  Created by Satya Khalsa, crystal healing jewelry artist with sacred high-quality unparalleled craftsmanship.  Textured and sleekly supported by a 24 inch hand-knotted 3mm black cotton linen cording and lead-nickel free gunmetal finish cargo clasp.

We ship to anywhere in the world.

The width of your Chrysocolla Pendant: 4cm

The length of your Chrysocolla Pendant: 7.cm

The weight of your Chrysocolla Pendant: 3.790 oz


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