Chrysoprase Hand Harvested & Polished Large Nugget Necklace

Chrysoprase Hand Harvested & Polished Large Nugget

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RIDE THE WAVE SOLD 2/24/18 YEA - Massive, semi-translucent sea-green Chrysoprase seems to flow and move before your eyes. Hidden somewhere in a mythic paradise, sunlight shines through gentle green waves lapping at the shore of a hidden lagoon. Take the light filtering through the emerald waters, solidify them into everlasting stone, and you've got this unparalleled specimen of Chrysoprase. Relaxation and attraction are naturally inspired when gazing into its depths. Others are drawn to into its beauty, giving the wearer a huge boost in charisma!

I Satya proudly present to you this enchanting healing piece to wear or hang in your window.

Live your life of enchantment by bringing this love into your life.

Size of crystal: 6" length

Size of necklace: short, medium and long 

Cording: black cotton linen cord and black leather


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