Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils 1) have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities, and 2) are not for internal use & should not be ingested. CUSTOMER REVIEW ★★★★★
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Citrine Pendant Jewelry - SweetSatya

Citrine Pendant Jewelry

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SweetSatya®️ classic euro design inspired through Spellbound Sky Crystal Store LA. 2015. The grounding shadow of a hand-faceted Tourmaline, blossoms the empowering energies of a SweetSatya®️ Hand Cut Organic Smoky Citrine Double Terminated Point are appreciated in a new & inspiring way.  Fashion-forward Holiday Crystal Citrine Pendant Jewelry.

Citrine Pendant Jewelry Features;

Size of Hand-cut  Double Terminated Citrine combination: approximately 2" length 1/2" width

Necklace size: 30"

Weight Of Citrine Pendant Jewelry: 1.88 oz.

Clasp: Base Metal nickel-free gun-metal finish cargo clasp

Cording: vegan black cotton linen cord

Citrine Pendant Jewelry Created ( hand drilled) by Texas Crystal Jewelry Artist and Owner of SweetSatya®️ Satya Khalsa.

 Has been mined in Brazilian cruelty-free conditions.

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