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Fluorite Pendant

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Fluorite Pendant Features:

I will send you a live video for you to choose your's from immediately after you place your order, promises Satya Khalsa artist and owner.

  • One-of-a-kind Fluorite Pendant Tabular's are sold individually not as a set.
  • Paired with gorgeous 1.5" green velvets and 1/4"gunmetal lavender purple rayon taffeta ribbons.
  • Deep sultry purples, vivid vibrant greens, and luscious blue regal tones spiral their way through your Fluorite Pendant.
  • Lengths of ribbons 14", 16", 18", 22", 24", 26', 28", and 30"
  • The size of the Fluorite Pendant varies but mostly 3" long and 3" wide, some smaller and some a little larger.
  • Artisanal and couture jewelry created by SweetSatya® Crystal Jewelry Shop, Texas
  • All hand-drilled by Satya Khalsa in a creative and artistic manner.
  • All superior quality raw materials have been sourced.
  • SweetSatya®Summer Collection 2021
  • Original crystal wearable artwork.  All rights reserved.

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