Garnet Hexagon Faceted Nuggets & Double Terminated Citrine Healing Necklace Mini Wand

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JACQUELINE'S PASSION  - Velvet crimson-red Hexagon Faceted Garnets play the part of embers, while double terminated Citrine points are the twinkling flames. Born from the imagination of a good friend, this Mini Wand is a means to hold and reflect upon a flame frozen in stones. Commune with the ideal of divine elemental Fire, symbolizing creation, rapturous love, and primal protection. Wearing and working with this hand-held Promethean flame will deepen your sensitivity while increasing romantic encounters of true love. It doesn't get any sweeter than a SweetSatya.

Size of piece: 1"

Size of necklace: short or long

Cording: black cotton linen


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