Grey Laced Agate Talisman-Sweetsatya
Grey Laced Agate Talisman-SweetSatya

Grey Laced Agate Talisman

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Grey Laced Agate Talisman Features:

  • Hand polished and cut by my lapidary friend who is a deaf and self-supporting artist 
  • Lays nice and flat against your heart
  • Beautiful Energy dissolves inner tensions
  • Gorgeous sky tones ranging from light mystic grays to deep tones of soft whites
  • Specimen quality natural gemstones of chalcedony and quartz 
  • Great for grounding
  • Spring and Summer 2021
  • 2 Stranded 2.5 mm Cotton Linen Cording
  • Grey Laced Agate Talisman Mined in Mexico in responsible conditions, to my best knowledge.
  • Created by Satya Khalsa, crystal jewelry artist and owner of SweetSatya®

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