Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz - SweetSatya
Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz - SweetSatya

Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz

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Hematite Skull Quartz Necklace SweetSatya®️ sold Online Crystal Jewelry Store and sold in person at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2020 Crystal Jewelry Store SweetSatya's Earthen Art F61- October 3rd thru November 29th. "G Rated Shop" Can't wait to see you this year and show you in person my brand new Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz.

I am just crazy over these little Hematite Skulls Paired with Crystal Quartz Russian Spheres.  Grounding, calming energy bundles. Great bodyguard Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz created with authentic Russian Crystal Quartz hand-cut sphere. Magic Crystal Ball Jewelry.

Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz Features:

  • Artisinal and one of a kind
  • Size of stone combination: 1" Height - 1/2" Width
  • Size of crystal necklace: Long only
  • Cording: Black long-lasting only
  • A+ Semi-precious authentic Gemstones like never before
  • Hand faceted Crystal Quartz Sphere is a gem quality
  • Hematite Calibrated but super clean raw-looking
  • Crystal Quartz is A+ Russian gorgeous clarity
  • Magic Crystal Ball 14mm
  • The quality of gemstones surpasses most.
  • High & Profound Magnatised Balance Alignment
  • Russian Crystal Seer Ball-Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz

Beyond the realm of sight, however, the Crystal Quartz Ball also attracts far-flung cosmic energies. The Hematite Skull shape multiplies the strength of this magnet for Protection. Not only is this a lure for admiration in the physical world, but also on the spiritual planes. "No longer absorb others' energy and protect yours with this enthralling SweetSatya®️ Hematite Skull Crystal Quartz is a  work of Crystal Jewelry Art," exclaims Satya Khalsa Crystal Jewelry Artist.


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