Prayer Beads - Exotic Carnelian Nuggets, Beads & Antique Brass Cross Rosary

1 Exalting Prayer Beads - Exotic Carnelian Nuggets & Antique Brass Cross

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ARMOR OF FAITH - Deep, courageous Carnelian, the favorite of soldiers, pairs with a hearty antique brass cross to create a powerful meditative experience. Warm red and orange beads slip through your fingers, strengthening your will and spiritual focus with every pass. Wearing or working with this piece will skyrocket bravery and tenacity. The effect is increased exponentially when worn through times of hardship. Put on the full armor of your faith, so that in the face of adversity you may firmly stand your ground. 

Carnelian Prayer beads are hand strung on black cording in the traditional pattern. Prayer beads increase the sacred sound of your prayer, bringing the warrior courage forward. This is a miraculous healing force of nature.

Prayers and degrees are very individualized and a sacred vibratory sound that shakes free disease in the body and mind. Similar to how a jackhammer breaks up pieces of concrete, prayer and mantra breaks up stagnant energy, manifests hopes and dreams, and allows for an unimpeded flow of courage and strength.


Size of beads: 1/4 mm thru 12 mm

Size of piece: 18" round

Cording: hand strung with black thread

Cross: 5" Non Tarnish Antique Brass


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