Pyrite Sun Celestial Shield Healing Aura Comes Alive While Increasing Your Energy

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CELESTIAL SHIELD - The shimmering iron pyrite disk summons visions of the ancient heroes.  Appropriately, the disk hails from a land called Sparta (Sparta, Illinois.)  This shield was forged by the earth to reflect darkness away from the wearer while intensifying inner lights of bravery and true confidence.  Wearers will rise to claim victory and rewards from the many battles of life, both great or small.  I created this healing necklace for SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shoppe F61, Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas in 2017. SweetSatya's model the Crystal Barbarian wore it in the featured clip for uTube. Each one is absolutely stunning and a true work of art.

A SweetSatya Pyrite Sun necklace supplements physical energy with the energy of the sun and increases stamina and stimulates your intellect while protecting you against negativity.

Size of Pyrite Sun: 4" length and 4" Width Circle

Size of necklace: medium or long

Cording: black leather, black cotton linen

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