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Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace

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SweeSatya® Crystal Quartz necklaces. are hand-drilled Ron Coleman Crystal mined in Arkansas, USA. 

Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace Is A Gazer with worlds upon worlds inside each Crystal necklace.  The druzy wand shape is symbolic of infinite wisdom and broadcasting the truth.  This Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace is known to be a powerful and protective gemstone to the wearer.  Priced fairly and brings good healing vibes.  One of my favorite Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace necklaces and is great to layer with.  Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace is also found SweetSatya's Earthen Art Shop F61, Texas Renaissance Festival,  October 3rd thru November 29th, 2020. 
  • Provides Magic Roads to Distant Places

  • Organically grown in Arkansas by Satya's personal friends and responsible mining in the USA.

  • Swirls of inclusions spiral their way through divine Ron Coleman Arkansas Quartz Necklace

  • Bringing the grace of the universe and maximum clarity to your mind.

  • Size of crystal: 3" Length and 1/2" Width

  • Size of necklace: 18" 22", 28", and 32"

  • Cording Black Vegan Cotton or Faux Suede

Created by SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa, Texas USA 


OZARK SOUL - U.S. native Quartz crystal mined in the sacred Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.  This shard will attune to the energy of the wearer, enhancing all abilities as a crystal wand and slicing through psychic obstacles as a dagger. Immaculate, unparalleled  Quality.  One of Satya's all-time favorite crystals and USA mine.

This is a SweetSatya® Lifetime Crystal which is a bringer of good vibes. and carries the eternal sacred flame.  I will send you a video to choose from after you place your order.


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