Rose Quartz, Amethyst And Crystal Quartz Renaissance Hand Sewn Crown With Black Leather

Regular price $350.00
If high and profound healing be what thou seekest, then seek no further.  SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Shoppe F61, Texas Rennasaince Festival, Todd Mission Texas offers thee gemstones of peerless quality and of special powers.

Each precious hand faceted Rose Quartz Crystal is hand-drilled by myself and sewn together by thy own hands, Amethyst and Citrine Nuggets and baubles I tie together, hand-knotting and clasping in meaningful design for thee.

For this is my Life's Passion, my Mission, and Destiny to serve those who pass through thy humble shoppe this 2018 season.

To liberate the Truth and Joy awaiting thee in the glimmering shards, velvets, and globes.

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