Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils 1) have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities, and 2) are not for internal use & should not be ingested. CUSTOMER REVIEW ★★★★★
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Rose Quartz Mala - SweetSatya

Rose Quartz Mala

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    • 10mm Finest Rose Quartz Sphere Beads
    • Hand knotted with vegan cording
    • Amethyst hand faceted Guru bead
    • Created by SweetSatya®️ 
    • Old World craftsmanship by Satya Khalsa Crystal jewelry artist-hand knotted by me.
      • Rose Quartz Mala - Slow fashion made in the USA
      • Gemstones have excellent depth of color, luster, and sheen A+ Beads
      • Rose Quartz Mala measures 46” length 
    • Rose Quartz Mala is immaculate soothing, energizing, and fashion-forward
    • A must for any Crystal enthusiast
    • Premium Amethyst Guru Bead is hand drilled by Satya Khalsa
    • Beads processed by the people of India
    • Adorn thyself with the unmovable soft divine energy

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