Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace SweetSatya
Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace SweetSatya

Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace

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WEAR YOUR PRIMORDIAL CHARIOT SACRED STAR - Fiercely loving Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace Is The Perfect Little Heart Opener and formed into the sacred star-shaped Mer Light Ka Spirit Ba Body.  Rose Quartz's sacred geometry star-shaped into a natural star is associated with love and devotion. Your Merkabah is perfect for meditating to open your heart.  Wearing SweetSatya®️ hand cut Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace Energy is a gentle and spiritual companion.

Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace has watched over humanity since time immemorial. Before the invention of the wheel, primitive man used rose quartz to bring more love into their lives. Here our long-time Merkaba geometric guardian takes the shape of the Faceted 5 star Divine Vehicle, the Wheels within Wheels of light that swirl around celestial beings and seekers on the rise to higher realms.

Ascend to new levels of consciousness without fear, safeguarded by one of mankind's oldest allies.  Crystal Reiki Hand Carved Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace Meditation tool is polished and smooth to wear against your skin.

Lose yourself in the Crystalline Energy Beauty of my one of a kind, Treasure Crystal Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace at it's finest created by Old World Craftswoman Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa, Doing Business As SweetSatya®️ in Texas.


Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace Features:

-Size of Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace: approximately 1/2" Length and 1/2" Height, measured diagonally.

-Length of necklace: 14", 16", 18", 22", 30", 34"

-Cording: thin black vegan cord, velvets, multi leather thin

Rose Quartz Merkabah Necklace is created in small batches by local Texas Artist Satya Khalsa creating beautiful Crystal Jewelry from a passionate heart.

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