Crystals & Mineral are not a replacement for any type of medical treatments. Contact your health care practitioners, (doctor, counselors, mental health professional, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.) Crystals have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities. Crystals are not for internal use & should not be ingested.
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Rose Quartz Solitaire - SweetSatya

Rose Quartz Solitaire

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Voyagers Dream Calls Upon Love -  Inspired through our ever-changing world.

All vibrations harmonize; feminine and masculine, dark and light, inside and

 Guards, you against heartbreak by helping you see the truth.outside.

Dimensions of Rose Quartz approx. 6" length & 1/2" width

- Healing and mending the heart

- Specimen Collector Quality

- Size of necklace:  long-only charging heart and navel, no clasp over the head

- Cording: long-lasting pink leather

- Made in Texas USA

- Otherworldly Inclusions

- Depth of color surpasses most, non-dyed Rose Quartz

- Fresh Fashion Jewelry

- Created with SweetSatya®️ Crystals

- Hand drilled by Satya Khalsa Crystal Jewelry Artist

Hand faceted Rose Quartz in Madagascar 

- No two are alike


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