Shungite In It's Raw Form Worn For Protection Of MPF's Healing Necklace

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TECHNOLOGY TALISMAN - The artificial modern world buzzes with electronic notification noises. Glowing screens, full of text messages and tweets, can easily become a barrier between ourselves and our true lives, our natural spirits. Not to mention, our brains and bodies are constantly bombarded by invisible energies from these devices, causing who-knows-whats!

Silver raw shungite, which is also called Noble (or crystal); is a variety of shungite which contains from 94 percent to 98 percent, much higher than the regular shungite which only contains about 30 percent of carbon. "Only the best for a SweetSatya."  Your piece was excavated near Shunga village in Karelia looks lustrous & shiny, looking metallic carries a high fullerene content. Shungite is the only crystal or mineral known to carry fullerenes.

Thankfully Satya brings forth the Shungite Noble Silver healing necklace. Deep and sumptuous as black velvet, and laced with delicate silver veins, Shungite is revered for antibacterial and absorption qualities. This heavy portion of Russian Shungite remedies tech-fatigue and absorbs the potentially harmful energies emitted by electronics. Touching the smooth, rounded slab is instantly soothing. Perfect for carrying along in a laptop bag or wearing over your suit. matches well with business attire. 

Size of Raw Shungite: 2" length & 1" in width

Necklace size: 36" including Shungite pendant

Cording: black cotton linen 



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