Smoky Quartz Crystal Point For Your Third Eye & Nourishes Your Aura

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SMOLDERING SHADOW - Strength and passion wait within the Smokey Quartz Crystal. The energy of the Divine Masculine surges outward from its secret depths. Sensitive to this power, Celtic warriors once adorned their weapons with these dark stones.
Smokey quartz calls upon the grounding, guarding forces of the Earth. It heightens your survival instincts and connection to reality. At the same time, the curling wisps of frozen smoke are highly provocative. The darker, mysterious aspects of the elemental ideal of Fire are imbued into the Smokey quartz. Staring into the crystal, the haze surrounds you like the spiced incense of a secret temple. Desire and raw willpower courses through you as you are enveloped by swirling phantasms.

Size of stone: 5"

Size of necklace: long

Cording: caramel 1/4" leather

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