Spring Mala Collection 2021-SweetSatya
Spring Mala Collection 2021-SweetSatya
Spring Mala Collection 2021-SweetSatya

Spring Mala Collection 2021

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I am super excited to be offering my brand new Spring Mala Collection 2021.  Featuring Indicolite Fluorite in its many wondrous colors of deep vibrant blues, greens, lavenders, purples, clear whites, and light grays.  Creating Exquisite 108 non calibrated ( not engineered from a machine) hand-faceted multi-colored one of a kind mala beads.

  • Each mala in my Spring Mala Collection 2021 is being sold individually.
  • Many variations with different sizes of hand-faceted beads.
  • Spring Mala Collection 2021 consists of different Guru Beads of hand drilled Fluorite and Smoky Quartz nuggets.
  • Created and designed by Satya Khalsa, Crystal Jewelry Designer, Texas.
  • Curated Spring Mala Collection 2021 is from old raw material stock originating from the Afghanistan Mountains.
  • SweetSatya® Crystal Jewelry, Spring Mala Collection 2021.
  • Excellent Quality, Fine Craftsmanship, and created to last. 
  • Hand-Knotted  Spring Mala Collection 2021 with gold and light mauve vegan cording.

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