SweetSatya Earth Day Pendant

SweetSatya® Earth Day Torus Pendant

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I created SweetSatya® Earth Day Pendant in 2021 to celebrate Earth Day and by bringing more beauty to our planet.

SweetSatya® Earth Day Torus Pendant Features:

  1. Synthetic Gemstone Chinese pressed Turquoise is bright and smooth.
  2. Long-lasting turquoise 2mm waxed cotton cording
  3. A donut-shaped lifesaver for good fortune.
  4.  Shiny African brass bead
  5. Beautiful orange and green glass beads.
  6. The original design is long 30" all the way around
  7. No clasp needed and has the SweetSatya® original time-tested closure created to last.
  8. SweetSatya® Earth Day Torus Pendant is sold individually not as a set.
  9. Created in Texas with fine craftsmanship by Satya Khalsa.
  10. Transmit Munay Ki Rites during Inca Shaman initiations.
  11. Torus symbolizes the circular path that the sun follows in the sky, and the hole in the middle represents absolute oneness.

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