SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette
SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette
SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette
SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette - SweetSatya®
SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette

SweetSatya®️ Gemstone Malalette

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A little lighter for summer 2021. SweetSatya®️ Gemstone Malalette features: 

  • hand faceted Ametrine mixed gemstones of beautiful golden lavender-pink tones
  • hand faceted Fluorite mixed gemstones of ethereal sky blues and jeweled green tones creates SweetSatya®️ Gemstone Malalette
  • hand faceted Amethyst clear superior gem grade nuggets 
  • hand faceted Citrine unseated and heated sun child clear and pure
  • beautiful deep black tassel created with long-lasting cording and attached with fine craftsmanship
  • SweetSatya Gemstone Malalette Is hand-knotted to perfection with vegan black sturdy cording
  • high vibration with a smaller amount of specimen grade gemstones
  • excellent color and clarity of Ametrine, Citrine, Fluorite, and Amethyst
  • created by SweetSatya®️ Texas Crystal jewelry store 2021 summer collection makes the perfect out the door piece when you feel like just a little something around your neck
  • SweetSatya®️ Gemstone Malalette are sold individually not as a set

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