Rose Quartz Talisman SweetSatya

SweetSatya®️ Rose Quartz Talisman

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  • Rich and deep organic natural color.
  • Divinely inspired by crystal jewelry artist Satya Khalsa.
  • One of the prettiest things you will ever wear.
  • SweetSatya®️ Rose Quartz Talisman has swirling mesmerizing inclusions.
  • Size of Rose Quartz Pendant: 3" Length, 2 1/2" Width, and  3/4” in depth.
  • From the knot above the SweetSatya®️ Rose Quartz Talisman measures 28”
  • Total length of the entire necklace is 36”
  • Elegant Egyptian Shaped Obelisk has been hand faceted in Brazil by my personal friend in a cruelty free environment.

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