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Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters

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SweetSatya® Crystal Jewelry Store is proud to offer hand-drilled Tibetan Quartz Pendants for the summer of 2021.  If you have any questions before ordering please call me (949) 916-5616 to discuss your purchase.

  • All one of a kind
  • Sold individually not as a set
  • Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters Hand Mined by the people's hands of Tibetan
  • Only 2 left from the right of the photo! Just sold one on left! 
  • Very rarely do I get these Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters
  • High-Quality Crystal Quartz and double terminated Scepters
  • Hand laced with Turquoise Round Beads and black hand knotted black vegan cording cording
  • I am happy to remove the beads if you would like
  • Tibetan Quartz Crystal Scepters measure roughly 1"  by 1"
  • Mesmerizing innate intelligence at its finest.
  • Non calibrated crystal quartz, all-natural and organic

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