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Tibetian Double Terminated Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing Necklace With Vegan Black Suede

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SACRED SMOKE - Bewitching tendrils of mist roil inside the perfectly shaped chamber. Fall into it, lose yourself in the Smoky Quartz Crystal Double Terminated healing & inspirational necklace. Do you find a vision of whirling smoke, the spirit of Fire, dancing over sacred incense, a gift of our Earth? This image is fitting, as Smoky Quartz Crystal combines a high protective, grounding natures of elemental Earth with the passionate force of Fire. The double-terminated shape of SweetSatya Smoky Quartz Crystal multiplies the sensual forces. As you wear it, remember that this is a gift from Tibet. The double-terminated Smoky Crystal Quartz is blessed with the energies of where it was formed & excavated, one of the holiest and spiritually-awakened locations on our planet. Our dear Tibetan Mountain Ranges.

This SweetSatya Healing Necklace is One-Of-A-Kind & great to wear for all occasions, including everyday & special events.
Size of Smoky Quartz Healing: approximately 1" length and 3/4 " width

Size of necklace: 30"

Cording: AAA Quality Black Leather or Vegan Suede


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