Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry - SweetSatya
Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry - SweetSatya

Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry

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I am super excited to be offering this Pyrite Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry Mini Wand Necklace Collection. It's been a long time since I have created these little bundles of power-enhancing energy.  My highest hope is that they inspire you as much as they do me. SweetSatya®️ Winter-Holiday Collection 2020.

Pyrite Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry-Sold individually not as a set.

Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry Features- Black Tourmaline hand-faceted by the village people in Pakistan.  Extraordinary super clean natural faceted Peruvian Pyrite cubes, not calibrated by a CNC machine.  Double Terminated Crystal Quartz specimen grade uncalibrated completely organic and raw in form.

  • Artisinal and a true work of crystal art
  • Size of stone combination: 1 1/2"
  • Size of Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry: Long 30"
  • Cording: Black long-lasting vegan cotton only
  • A+ Mineralogical Gemstones like never before
  • Hand faceted Black Tourmaline is semi-precious gem quality
  • Pyrite non-calibrated Peruvian super clean raw
  • Crystal Quartz is A+ Pakastani gorgeous clarity and character, consciously mined and sourced
  • The quality of gemstones surpasses most of the raw material I have seen in the market place 2020
  • High & Profound Magnatised Balance Alignment
  • Created by Satya Khalsa artist of SweetSatya®️ Crystal Jewelry, Texas USA

Beyond the realm of sight, however, the Tourmaline Crystal Wand Jewelry also attracts far-flung cosmic energies. The double-terminated shape multiplies the strength of this magnet for Protection. Not only is this a lure for admiration in the physical world, but also on the spiritual planes. "No longer absorb others' energy and protect yours with this enthralling SweetSatya®️ work of Crystal Jewelry Art," exclaims Satya Khalsa Crystal Jewelry Artist.

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