Crystals, Minerals, and Fossils 1) have not been approved by the FDA for having any healing abilities, and 2) are not for internal use & should not be ingested. CUSTOMER REVIEW ★★★★★
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Rose Quartz Necklace Collection

    • Rose Quartz Necklace Collection features exquisite quality Rose Quartz mined from all over the world.  Including the majestic favorite of Satya Khalsa Crystal jewelry artist Madagaskar. 
  • Rose Quartz Necklace Mala Collection in its many forms both calibrated & non calibrated 
  • Off the chart A+ Quality
  • Custom Artistry created by Satya Khalsa, Crystal Jewelry Artist
  • Unique Cording Combinations
  • A+ Clarity & Collector Crystal Quality Rose Quartz Necklace Mala Collection
  • Long-lasting cording suitable for the weight of each gemstone
  • Heart opening and mending of your heart energy
  • Swirls of inclusions & unusual characteristic in each necklace
  • Reasonably priced SweetSatya®️ Rose Quartz Necklace Mala Collection are all created in a studio-quality artisanal sanitary environment.