Yoga Crystal Mala Prayer Beads

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Yoga Crystal Mala Prayer Beads. A Collection of hand-knotted immaculate healing Crystal Hand Faceted Beads and Hand-Faceted Nuggets-semi precious gemstones with unique characteristics. Including handmade tassels and hand-faceted and hand drilled guru beads.

SweetSatya's hand-knotted 108 Yoga Crystal Mala Prayer Beads are known to bring joy and balance to those whose hands they slip through. All original & created in full awareness!

Very rarely will you see Crystals and Minerals in jewelry and ceremonial form as beautiful to wear as SweetSatya®️ - Mineral, Semi Precious Gemstone, Yoga Crystal Mala Prayer Beads, and Rosaries.

Created in Texas with the Old World Craftsmanship of Crystal Jewelry Artist Satya Khalsa owner of the artisanal business SweetSatya®️ Yoga Teacher & Healer for five decades.