Can you pick out a piece for me to buy?  I don't know which one to get?

  • Personal service is my specialty and love picking out healing crystal jewelry handmade by me for people. Please don't be shy, I am always there for you. I would be happy to receive a call or email from you anytime to discuss what you are feeling or thinking, in regards to purchasing for yourself or someone special. In addition, I am able to photograph specific crystal healing necklaces for you which may not be on our site but held in storage.

How do I care for my healing crystal healing necklace, bracelet or IAM Ascension Wand created by crystal healing art jewelry SweetSatya? Store your piece above your heart, on a shelf or a place of reverence. This could be your mantle above the fireplace, or perhaps your altar or seasons table.

  • Be imaginative. You can use special hooks to make various designs of hanging racks.
  • It's wonderful to have the piece hanging up in your bedroom, so upon waking you see it in plain sight for inspiration. My pieces are artwork and beauty that represent who you are, through what you choose to adorn your body. They represent your character and core values. Feel free to display and enjoy them when you are not wearing them.
  • Of course, sometimes crystals like to be wrapped up like babies do, in blankets. Try keeping your stellar crystal wrapped in a beautiful cloth and place it in its own special box or container. Bring it out for special occasions. TIP: You can securely store a crystal by rolling it into a handkerchief or washcloth, and wrapping it with rubber bands to hold the cloth in place.
  • Use your creativity and see the rainbows inside each crystal.
  • One way or another, have respect and reverence for them. Whatever you do, please don't be careless and throw them around. Don't take them off while driving, placing them in the console of your car to rattle around and get banged up.  Be careful when wearing the piece too. For example, don't emptying your dishwasher while wearing your crystal. Having it swinging around, and possibly hitting other hard surfaces when bending down is another no-no in my mind.

What do people do with the artwork they buy from SweetSatya?

  • Many Physicians and Lawyers store their pieces in their briefcase or satchels while working, keeping them safe and concealed.
  • Others hang their pieces for inspiration and to balance the energy in their homes and offices.
  • Some people keep them wrapped in material and wear them hidden under their clothing.
  • Fashionistas sport them and are very proud to wear them while showing the world the extraordinary artwork displayed on their bodies.
  • Many fans wear their pieces everyday, and become dedicated to not switching them out for months or even years.
  • Lots of people wear their piece in the morning when they leave their house for a boost or charge of inspiration. Then they remove it upon arriving to their destination and use it as medicine throughout the day.
  • Then again, some start off wearing their piece the same as above, and wear it until noon, then remove it because it gets too heavy for them. Acknowledging they received everything they needed from their crystal, they wrap it up in a cloth and store it in their briefcase or purse for future wears.
  • In fact, there are some people that have multiple pieces of mine, and also people that collect my work.

How are the pieces made?

  • From the love of my heart, with lots of patience and caring.  Tons of industry secrets, and ancient time tested methods.  Being a self supporting artist since I was 4 yrs old, I taught myself to see the designs in my mind, and bring them through my hands and heart into reality.  My parents were supportive and supplied me with plenty of instruction and raw materials while I was growing up which was very helpful.  I always got great pleasure making things and giving or selling them to others.  It's really that simple.

What size and shape exactly is my crystal going to be?

  • That's really up to the universe and not me. No matter how much I wish they could be uniform in size, crystals don't grow that way.  But of course, some of my products include pre-calibrated stones and beads. In that those items are very close in size and shape.
  • The size of stone that's posted at the bottom of each product description is approximate in length. Thanks for understanding how difficult it can be precise in measuring.  But do know, I make great effort in being accurate.

Why do you use the clasps and closures you do?

  • The clasps are nickel and lead free base metal.
  • I like to use clasps that are easy to use, which are usually larger and have a good size of hook.
  • I have my signature clasp, which is a time-tested fool-proof original design created by me, currently exclusively used only by me.  This is 2 hooks made from cording, linking together the ends of the cording laced through your piece.
  • If it's a long piece, it doesn't need a metal clasp.

How did you create your home accessories?

  • Through popular demand mostly.  People wanted to bring sanctity to their living spaces.  I morphed the product Over The Door Knob Hanger (coming soon to the shop) to do this very thing.  They are lovely to make and hang so pretty over your door knob.

Why do you suggest people to wear your pieces forty days in a row?

  • I feel by wearing your piece forty days in a row, you will receive the total value and gift your piece has to fully offer you.  You will be able to integrate all of the unique energies from your crystal into your energy field at a pace that's comfortable.
  • Of course you can remove it at night while sleeping, or if it gets uncomfortable throughout the forty days.  But keep it near you.  Don't forget about it when it's not on your body.
Will I be liable for my product order while it is being shipped?
  • No. We fully insure each order all the way to you. That means that when your order is in transit to you, shipment is always risk-free. For added security, it's our policy that a signature is required for all orders over $500.00.

Why is it that people sometimes have an emotional response to your pieces?

  • When sensitive people are relating to my artwork, they feel a part of me from when I was creating the piece.  Which triggers a feeling that is held deep in their heart.  My artwork helps them to remember who they are and what is real to them.  Sort of a awaking of their soul. 
How do the prices of your products online compare to the prices of SweetSatya products at retail stores?
  • Generally, the prices of my products in my online shop are greater than or equal to the prices at retail stores.
  • SweetSatya places great emphasis on products made with sincere attention to original craftsmanship and first rate superior materials. This means I support a higher cost from my raw suppliers which carries over to the prices you see on the site. Our intention is to pay a fair wage to the suppliers of raw materials, as we value their quality and are inspired to bring unique, small-batch crystals to our community. Our retail prices reflect this value and are never artificially inflated.
How does the availability of SweetSatya products online compare to the availability of the products at retail stores? Do you sell the same items in your online shop that I would find at a retail location?
  • There is a significantly greater variety of selection online. The retail stores cater to their clientele. They may not choose to carry all different permutations of a particular piece or collection. I try not to overlap with them, and strive not to offer the same pieces in my online shop as you would find in stores.