SweetSatya® Mission Statement

To empower and enrich our planet to value and serve all customers, both large and small, with excellence. To make a difference in people's lives while sourcing finished Crystal, Mineral, Gemstone and Fossil jewelry in a sustainable and sterilized manner.  Known for the particular Zen and Minimalist Style, in which you will rarely see Crystals, Minerals, Gemstones and Fossils in a wearable form at this level of stellar and immaculate quality and design. I hope that buying SweetSatya's Crystal, Mineral, Fossil and Gemstone Jewelry raises your consciousness in consumerism.  My highest desire is to bring more understanding to our world through slow fashion manufactured Crystal Jewelry, turning the hearts of people towards deeply caring for each other and our universe, thereby strengthening our character and providing hope & joy to our world one Crystal Gemstone Necklace at a time!