I am the owner and creator of SweetSatya® crystal jewelry store and have worked very hard to build my name into a crystal jewelry brand. Which is valued and respected! I currently have a physical jewelry store SweetSatya's Earthen Art, Unit F61 located at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas in addition to my online store

I am a self supporting artist with a fashion, beauty, and yoga background. I get great pleasure in purchasing high quality superior crystals and minerals from collectors, miners, purveyors, and traders throughout the world. I have a great sense of pride for the relationships I have developed with these people in my industry.  I also sell my crystal necklaces wholesale to my retail partners throughout the world.

All of the crystal necklaces I sell have been custom created and designed by me only.  Each necklace is one of a kind original artwork.  All necklaces pass through my hand only, no one else touches my inventory.  I specialize in creating beautiful Mala's and I enjoy hand drilling many of the crystals I use in my jewelry line, in addition to adding charms and miscellaneous bobbles to many of the necklaces I create. I love working with various cording from velvet's to vegan cording and everything in between.

My highest wish is for everyone to truly enjoy the art I create. For all those people who have known me since SweetSatya®️ was a hobby for several decades and up to today I am still crafting and cultivating oneness with the earth through jewelry making.

  • I am sending love to each and everyone of you!
  • Thank you for your continued support.
  • I still have so much more to share and offer to you my valued customer.